Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chibi Otaku Fanboy Goes Wild!

Well just as I was about to post something simple like my desktop or a random picture or video, the mailman came to deliver a package we've been waiting for all month. I won't say the store I bought it from because I probably won't be buying from them again any time soon. I made the order on the 2nd and it just arrived today, nothing was back-ordered or out of stock either. On top of that the box was broken in half and taped shut, and appropriately marked damaged. Luckily everything inside was o.k. though so nothing to be upset about.

So here's the contents of this package. 1 Haruhi Suzumiya wall scroll, 1 SOS brigade button, and last, although most important, a 6 inch plush Chi doll for my son, who's been a Chobits fanatic since uh, well, probably since he was old enough to see a computer screen and watch cartoons. Yeah he's only 4 years old but he LOVES Chi. He was the one who spotted the mailman pulling up and gasped and ran to the door frantically opening it in excitement. So, I got permission from him to post his picture up here with his new Chi. The wall scroll and button were for my wife, I'm sure she'll post different pictures today on her blog too.

Now he wants to sit down and watch his favorite anime today. Good thing we got the complete collection lol.


Anonymous said...

Awww kawaii!!!!!
That is really cool. When I have a kid I hope he likes anime and stuff. Just wondering, did he like it on his own....or was this something you personally tried to influence him with?

Thank you very much for adding me to your blogroll ^_^ I shall return the favor and add you to mine.

Persocom-san said...

Well, my wife and I watch anime together quite often, and if we know it's inappropriate to an extent we won't allow him to watch it with us, for instance Code Geass is too violent for his age and other anime are too ecchi. He just got interested in Chobits when we watched it. He actually learned some English through the dubbed version and some Japanese phrases through the subbed version. I don't tell him to watch Chobits I let him pick what he wants to watch and he choses from a variety of movies/anime that we have available that we feel is family friendly. I don't ever make him watch something he doesn't like, he lets me know too. He was upset when we got the Chi action figure and he couldn't play with it, so when we found this it was a must buy ^^

Anonymous said...

I see, well you are already in the making to having a fine otaku ^_^

I really think it is kind of cool that he is 4 and already has his fav anime character and stuff. Wish when I have a kid he likes anime and such. Though with my luck he will take an opposite turn and be a jock *sigh*

BZou said...

I find it awesome that you watch anime with your kid. Love the whole parent-children sharing same interesting thing. Wish I was that way with my parents.

Anonymous said...

WOW he watches subbed and dubbed? Thats so darn cute. When I have kids someday I hope I can get them to enjoy my hobbies as well.