Sunday, September 28, 2008

Code Geass R2 Finished (No Spoilers)

First off I want to make it completely clear that I will NOT post any spoilers, if you're afraid of being spoiled I suggest you don't read the comments because I have no control over what people write. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings here. As usual click on the pictures for higher res.

First off Code Geass R2 is the sequel to Code Geass. It is a mecha style anime, so if that's not your type you might not like the franchise at all. It's filled to the brim with OMGWTF moments and plot twists. If you still crave more information regarding just what it's all about, I suggest you go here for a general synopsis. After watching R2 all the way to the finale I really feel satisfied, the ending was a little bit what I expected and at the same time nothing like what I expected. I don't regret watching the first and second season all the way through. I found myself really getting attached to the characters, and amidst a huge pile of reviews where people constantly talked it down, I enjoyed both series. I can't pick which season I liked more honestly.

Now more than ever, I'd like to see a Figma made of Kallen and C.C. Lelouche and Suzaku got themselves likened to figmas, but I don't find myself running to buy them. For the entire first season and half of the second season I really disliked Suzaku, but by the end my feelings had just come to accepting his role in the whole story, and I guess now I can't say I like or dislike him, he just wasn't one of my favorite characters. Also, since Suzaku is one of those WonFes limited edition type of figures, I don't even feel like trying to find him let alone buy one. Lelouche on the other hand, I might actually buy in the future, perhaps for Christmas or something. Of course, other figures take priority but I wouldn't mind having one eventually. If they made a C.C. Figma then I'd have to get Lelouche. Instead of posting pictures of figures, I'll post some pictures of my favorite characters from Code Geass. If they made a C.C. and/or Kallen Figma, which outfit would you prefer them to be in? For me, C.C. I would prefer her in one of the outfits from the first two pictures, but I would buy her in anything. Preferably she'd come with her own pizza box and slice of pizza. For Kallen I'm really not sure what I'd prefer, again just about any outfit would work here, somehow I can see them making her in her school uniform judging from how much they like making figmas wearing them.

So farewell Code Geass, it was a fun ride throughout both seasons for me. Even my wife sat down and watched all the way through both of these, which was surprising because she wasn't really into mecha before this came along. I caught an episode of the dub of the first season, and now I want to watch it all over again in english. Some of the voices were pretty bad, but I was amused. Of course, I prefer Japanese with subtitles, but still... dual audio with subtitle options please. I'll most likely be going out and buying the DVDs for both of these when I can manage to slow down my figure spending. Btw, anyone else get hungry for pizza while watching the first season?

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Panther said...

Gayass R2 sucks! Trainwrecked FTL!

ClearTranquil said...

Haha it was indeed a trainwreck but I think the level of cleverness at the end was at about the same level as Lelouch gaining his Geass. It wrapped up well-enough.

PS: YES! I want a CC figma immediately. White jumpsuit ver.

Mizunaga said...


I also want a Zero figma. Not Lelouch, but Zero.

And yes, the ending of R2 was awesome.

Sandy-Kun said...

CG R2 is a great anime i think.. in many way of course...
and i want Zero n C.c figma!

Optic said...

Still at ep. 7 from S1. ^_^
I know, I'm super slow.

I guess, due to the feedback I received, I have held back for a while. Ur like the first person who gave it a good rating. lol

Eventually I will finish and if I like it, I will get the R1 dvds.

...and Yes, C.C figma in jumpsuit plz.