Monday, September 29, 2008

To Love-Ru

Recently I finished watching the series To Love-Ru. I heard a lot about it being excessively filled with fan service and of being a knock-off of other anime, but Lala's outfit was too interesting and I just had to know who this Fate Testarossa look-alike girl was. So, I watched it, all 26 episodes.

Yes, it's true, it's a show filled with fan service, in fact if you just watch the OP you get almost an overdose of it right there. Now, usually excessive fan service turns me away (like Ikkitousen, which to me was almost unbearable), but I needed something fun to watch and this is a pretty light-hearted show. Also it does boast a great OP song and a decent overall soundtrack, even if the fight music gets a little repetitive after a while. So what can you expect from this anime besides fan service? Well, I can't really say because this wasn't one of those anime that changes your life or makes you get super-emotional. It was a fun ride though, mostly laughs and wtf moments. Lala Satalin Deviluke is a pretty nutty character. Yami a.k.a. Golden Darkness (the Fate Testarossa look-alike) was a pretty cool character, and I love the way she dresses. In fact that's probably one of the perks of this show, is that the outfits some of the characters wear are just pure win. I didn't care for the main protagonist much really, he was the typical harem boy who just can't spit out his words and ends up in bad situations because he can't let his true feelings out. I didn't watch the show expecting some really awesome storyline though, I watched it to see what it was all about. It's got an ok story, although it's nothing that hasn't been done before. What makes this a fun ride is Lala's wacky inventions and some of the plain stupid but funny things that happen throughout it (in my opinion). I'm not here to tell you this anime is awesome, and if you're not a fan of fan service you'll probably just turn your nose up at a series like this. There's always one anime on my list that I need to watch just to watch, something that makes me laugh and generally leaves me feeling like the world doesn't always have to be serious. If you want to know more about the actual story you can go to anime news network. I'm just here to let you know that I liked To Love-Ru, that if you're in need of something silly to watch after seeing something too serious or emotional or violent you should give this a try. It's not for the serious or hardcore who like to rant about how unoriginal every anime they watch is. It's just a new spin on an old story. And I felt like I needed to post something about this since my GoodSmile Lala Satalin Deviluke is on her way here.

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Sandy-Kun said...

I Once watch this anime for some eps. But i got full with their non-sense story but fan service... i decided to stop that then..

Riiana Doon said...

I thought most of the anime was really funny!:D I love LaLa and her crazy inventions!:D "Golden Darkness" Really "wow'ed" me also, it was interesting to see how much she looked like feito-chan!:D
Overall I was really satisfied with this anime... Can't wait for LaLa statue to get here!:D

Ace said...

Aha! One of the converted! :). Yes, Yami is pure win, and so is Mikan.

You're exactly right, not every show/story has to be an epic drama with worlds that hang in the balance. It's good to get a nice mixture with those (e.g. Code Geass) and nonsense fun stories (e.g. ToLoveRu).

I like Lala too, but I like her more in the school outfit so will be taking a miss on the Goodsmile figure. Instead I got Yami because I had to get her :P

Persocom-san said...

Ah you know, I do like Mikan too, I forgot to mention that. Probably the coolest non-alien in the show.

Blowfish said...

Doh! My Comment just blew itself up :/ So once again:

I know how your feeling too well. I often watch mediocre shows instead of the good ones just because im not in the mood for it and want something lighthearted to drowse me.

I recently watched Love Hina and while it wasnt a mind bursting show it entertained me quite well.

To Love Ru is still on my watchlist.Ill probably start it soon since im finished with schooldays.

James said...

I didn't like the show at first but i kept watching and now i have to say that it's way better than i thought !

It's not only fan service , it's a good show with some great characters . i hope to see a season two someday :)

Glad you love it too ^^

Orange said...

I've avoided the show ever since seeing the opening. However, I do keep up with the manga. I like most of the characters, it's just that the fanservice levels are pretty high.

Optic said...

Agree. I wasn't expecting a good plot or anything EPIC but it's a good series to watch for the sake of just watching something.
I haven't finished it yet (@ ep. 8) but I'm taking my time and enjoying it.

Luve the lala image on the bed. ^^