Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fewture Models Chii by Art Storm|Lilics

Alright, first up from the newly owned figures is the Fewture Models Chii by Art Storm/Lilics. I had been interested in this figure since seeing fellow Team Blue member Lovelyduckie's review on her, and finally acquired her. If you're even the least bit interested I suggest you check out her review because it's great. Chii is from the manga/anime Chobits, whom I'm pretty sure everyone out there has at least heard of. I hold it responsible as the gateway show to my otakudom. Anyways I got this figure used for $35 USD from a figure sale Dancing Queen was having, originally I had thought about buying her but the asking price was a bit high, especially after I got curious about the figure more and re-read Lovelyduckie's review, and found her still selling at Robert's Anime Corner Store for about $40. Dancing Queen gladly lowered the price for me, making me unable to resist the buy. So once again thanks to both of my fellow Team Blue members, without them I wouldn't own this lovely figure. This was one impulse buy I'm glad I made.

I decided to try and show all the details in the figure since I rather like the attention to them in this figure. You probably notice a few places where paint has come off, this isn't a brand new figure after all, and with a pose like this you can expect such a thing to happen over time. You'll see the base is quite huge though not too big for the figure, and there's some paint that's been transferred onto it. Well, the very fabric I used for the background here is what I'm using for my base until I find something more suited. She might be pre-owned and an old figure but I'd like to keep her from further damage. I think the base is probably the only real thing I would have complained about had I bought this figure when she first came out. It's just asking to scrape paint off her really. Even though she's not in perfect condition I have no complaints. She was made back in 2006 and I can happily say she's a welcome addition to my collection. I really couldn't ask for a better looking Chii figure, although I would be ecstatic if Max Factory made a Figma of her (honestly don't see it ever happening but I can daydream right?). I really love the outfit, even if it's up a little too high in the back. She's also quite large, being 1/5 scale or 10 inches long. It's nice to have a figure that's not standing once in a while as well. It's a good figure for a low price, and if you like Chobits I really couldn't recommend a better PVC yet. There are a few other Chobits figures I plan on getting when possible though, so we'll see. Once again thanks to Dancing Queen for selling this to me.

Chobits was the first anime that I bought the entire series on DVD, even though I originally downloaded and watched it. I enjoy both the subbed and dubbed versions pretty much equally, which doesn't happen all that often. If I had never seen Chobits I wouldn't be the person I am today most likely. Before it, there was Miyazaki films and things like Sailor Moon. Of course, since then I've become addicted to all things Japanese, and I probably watch about as much anime as the average American watches normal TV.


Dancing Queen said...

i'm glad to see you love her so much! The good thing about pre-loved figures is not only the great price but the person who gets them second hand tends to love them more then the person who bought them originally. I'm glad she went to a good home to someone who will love her more than i did.

Snark said...

Due to my nigh unequaled hatred of moe, it is difficult for me to even look at that figure without experiencing intense, unspeakable rage.

Nonetheless, in that one second of objectivity that I enjoyed before turning to a murderous frenzy, I noted she was quite a fine figure.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go punch some children.

M12 said...

A nice Chii model in a pretty costume. 1/5? That's huge! For a cheap price, too. Very nice. Good old Chii - brings back the memories.

Optic said...

I think the last time I saw her in RL was at my first con. Even though I vaguely remember, this figure stood out because of her size. ^^

Lovely review. I'm intending to sell a few of my old figures myself.

Blowfish said...

Its great that you recently found all those figures you wanted to get ahold of!
Give her a nice home!