Saturday, February 28, 2009

End of February Haul

I originally planned on posting this earlier, but things have been busy lately. Had some problems that needed taken care of and never got around to this. I picked up 5 volumes of xxxHolic manga last week from Barnes and Noble, and decided to finally get myself a membership since I plan to buy a lot more from there. Now, I'm up to date on the English xxxHolic releases so far. Been eying up quite a few manga series lately.

Also a couple days ago my Riiana picked up an issue of OtakuUSA for me, it's pretty decent. It has a fold out Gurren Lagann poster in it. Also picked up Chocobo Tales and My Japanese Coach for the Nintendo DS. I know I'm already using iKnow for learning Japanese but I figure every little thing I can do to strengthen my knowledge will be useful. I'm waiting on Nendoroid Yoko to arrive by early next week as well. I apologize for such a short post after a long wait but there will be plenty more soon.


konadora said...


Q said...

Take your time on the new posts; a lot of us are going through busy times, so you are not alone. Wanna see the Gurren Lagann poster you've got though!

Riiana Doon said...

Yes hun, I was looking at the magazine last night and really want to take that poster out and get it up on the wall.:P Yoko=GOODNESS!:P

Anonymous said...

Im wathching holic in animax.Its a a little weird but it have a interesting story.I finished Azumanga Daioh manga and im going to buy negima since one of my friends recommended me that manga.
Nice loot!

WanderingMind said...

I like Otaku USA. Even though it doesn't have the big spreads like in Newtype USA before it shut down, Otaku USA is a great read. I've been taking a break from xxxHolic to read Gunsmith Cats.

meronpan said...

hmmm how is xxxholic? i bought the first volume ages ago but the last clamp thing i read was ... chobits i think ^^;;;

moving over to wordpress anytime soon? the comments are so much easier to leave and track ^^; (<3 e-mail notifications!!) ... err just ignore me, i'm incredibly lazy ^^;

Rin said...

My Japanese Coach somewhats help learning some Japanese. I do say it also helps by watching the subbed version of an anime and then watch a raw version.
Still...nice haul!!!!!!

Snark said...

Ooooh, looking forward to seeing the Yoko nendo! >=D

Blowfish said...

My Japanese coach...Always wanted to get it but i was way too lazy to import it.

Yo Riana!
Your Tattoo got featured on Sankaku Complex! Your Leg is from this day on famous!

Persocom-san said...

Q - posted pictures as requested ^^

Lightosan - Holic is indeed strange, but it fits me perfectly, I really enjoy it.

WanderingMind - I do like OtakuUSA, I might actually subscribe to it now. Haven't read any of Gunsmith Cats, how is it?

meronpan - I'm enjoying xxxHolic quite a bit, it certainly is a unique sort of series. Yeah, will be moving to wordpress soon, now that things are starting to get less hectic hopefully the move will be done by the end of the month or sooner.

Rin - I'm using every method I can get my hands on, watch raws, read books, use iKnow, and DS games when I can find them. I think using several methods is quite effective, some things work better for others though. I need all the help I can get XD

Snark - Should be up by tomorrow, or by the end of the weekend for sure.

Blowfish, thanks for the heads up ^^ I just posted and mentioned it, Riiana says she's proud of it ^^

phossil said...

Good choice picking My japanese Couch I think. Tell us if is very helpfull in your way to learn japanese.

I enrolled in Iknow too!

Anonymous said...

xxxHolic is an AMAZING win! I'm so impatient waiting for the next volume! I just love that series. I've been debating that Japanese Coach game for a while. Do you consider it worthwhile?