Monday, March 16, 2009

Flickr Upgrade and Updating

Not too big of news, but I figured it might be worth writing about. Today I finally upgraded my Flickr account to Pro. No more limits to keep me from uploading all the pictures that do and don't make it onto my reviews. I'm not entirely caught up yet but I've been busy getting the account up-to-date on my photo shoots. Now that I'm not limited I can put up my PVC figure pictures, Nendoroid pictures and even non-figure pictures all up in separate sets and collections. Sorry if you're on my Flickr contact list and have a huge flood of updates, I fell quite behind. So yeah, nothing huge but I'll be doing a lot more with my Flickr now. If you have a Flickr account and would like to add me feel free, I like checking out other people's pictures as well.

Picture of Flandre Scarlet taken from Gelbooru.


Otaku Dan said...

you should have upgraded ages ago because it is so worth it

Snark said...

I look forward to these new photos!

Blowfish said...

Im still stuck with the free Flickr Account...Managing your 100mb can be quite a pain.Ill upgrade one day aswell.

Ive sent you a friend request :D

gordon droid hunter said...

congrats for the upgrade. added u as contact.

@ Blowfish,
u may wish to upgrade when u are able to hit the limit so it is akin to extending your one year pro membership.

Persocom-san said...

Otaku Dan - yeah I hear ya, at least I got it done finally, don't know why it took me so long.

Snark - most of them are there now, but I still got a few more

Blowfish - I thought I could manage with the free account but I realized how many pictures didn't make it to reviews and it adds up. You've been added ^^

Gordon - thanks, added you back ^^

phossil said...

As Blowfish, I have the free account. I only see as benefit of Pro the limitless number of sets. Anyway, Good news.