Saturday, August 2, 2008

Countdown to my birthday

Well, it's the 2nd now, just under 9 more days till I turn 26, the 11th of August. I guess I'm starting to feel old, though I suppose I'm still young, and I try my best to keep feeling that way. Time seems to be going fast these days. Anyways I finally started a photostream on flickr, now I just need to figure out how to get it on my page. I'm new to flickr so I'm kind of clueless. I can't wait till my orders get here, I got a few figma coming that I ordered for myself for my birthday, ouch on the bank account though. After this I gotta stop for the month I think. I'll be taking plenty of pictures when they get here. I ordered via EMS for all three of them so hopefully they get here on or before my birthday *crosses fingers* Question for anyone who might read this. If you ordered figures for your birthday and they arrived a day or two early would you leave them in the box until your birthday or open them early? Alright then, I definitely need to liven my blog up a bit more so any suggestions would be appreciated ^^ I'm still seeking out people to add to my blogroll as always so if you read this and I don't have you linked I'll add you.

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Time waits for no one.


Otaku Dan said...

it seems that someone is going to become an old man very soon

Persocom-san said...

lol, at least my son will be 18 by the time i'm 40 :P

James said...

Yes you're going to be old :'(

or not ^^

and to reply to the question , i would leave them in the box until the day , because i'm like that ^^

Anonymous said...

Leave them in the both, give you something special to open up on your birthday. Always a nice idea lol.

Serene said...

Happy early Birthday ^^ hehe.. Thanks for visiting my blog, added your link too ;) Hm.. and I think I would open the box 1st :P I can't wait lol and 26 years old? Got a friend whose birthday is this month and gonna be 26 too XD

BZou said...

Nah 26 is not that old man. You are still in your prime.

Plus Id like to say happy birthday in advance just in case by god knows what prevents me to say it on the day.