Thursday, August 7, 2008

Early Arrivals

I'm happy and excited to say that I'm very impressed with Hobby Search as they only took four days to get my Fate T. Harlaown figma to me, thanks to EMS shipping (which I see well worth the extra money). Also, my other order for Nanoha Takamachi and Konata Izumi came in this morning from J-List. Early arrivals are for the win! So, I'm going to hold off since my birthday is on Monday. For now here's the boxes.

Yeah I know the pictures aren't that great but I just wanted to show that they're here and waiting for release. I'll only post the best of my pictures when I do the photo shoots for the actual figures.

I'll post up reviews/pictures of them on my birthday, the 11th. I'm sort of wondering whether or not I should post separately for each one, or do them all in the same post. Not sure what would be best, I'm bound to take a ton of pictures. Oh and the very first picture is the wallpaper I'm using for my desktop right now, I'm on a Nanoha kick right now. Also made a couple more orders today. I pre-ordered the Fraulein Revoltech Yoko Ritona action figure for my wife, this will be the first Revoltech figure we'll have owned, now I can compare them with figma. Also decided to finally get Saber figma because I started watching Fate/Stay Night last night and I actually got into it. I never got into it before because the story just didn't appeal to me, but the truth is I've always loved things medieval and ever since I was a kid, armor and swords were a fascination of mine. I'm sure most everyone has seen both but here are pictures of them just in case.


Justin said...

Congrats on the new arrivals! I too have been looking at the figma Fate T. Harlaown since I woke up, and it does look good.

I too have the figma Saber, but have yet to actually pose it. Hope your wife have fun with it!

Otaku Dan said...

I never knew that hobby search was that fast at shipping their products and congrats on your new figma figures

Optic said...

No matter how quick EMS is, it comes at a $$$ and I hate it. SAL has always been my slower and cheaper option and it will stay.
Looking forward to ur shoots. My figma konata and fate is still in transit. T_T

フェイダムさん said...

Nice acquisition. Still waiting for my own Fate, going to pose her with my Animate exclusive Riot Zanbers once I get her. I'm getting mine through Amazon Japan, which is my preferred online dealer(followed by Animate).

Also, Happy Birthday in advance!

Orange said...

Hobby Search was extremely fast for me too. I think it was exactly 3 days after they shipped it. I'm really interested in seeing the Nanoha out of the box. :)

Anonymous Coward said...

happy birthday in advance :)

may your bank grow in figures for more purchases. lol!

ClearTranquil said...

Lol, Hobby Search accidently sent me Fate instead of Mikuru so I get to keep her for free.

BTW: Want to blogroll eachother? Seems like a pretty solid blog here, kind of similar to my own.

Leave a comment on mine somewhere to confirm, I'll add you.

BZou said...

Nice figures man. I love that yoko figure a lot. Yoko is one of my favorite characters of all time.

wickedclown said...

Very nice, looking forward to the figure shoots. I have an order coming from hobby search too, and a pre-order of goth punk mikuru, too. :p