Monday, August 18, 2008

Music: Danger Gang

From left to right, Danger Gang is: Waka - Vocals, Hiko - Guitar, Thera - Bass, Rei - Drums

Well, I've been at a lack for posting material lately so I think today I'll introduce you to one of my favorite Japanese bands, Danger Gang. Danger Gang is an all-girl rock band (I'm not going to try and label by a specific branch of the genre). Yes, they're 100% all female. They may look like your typical Visual Kei group, but I assure you, no traps here. They're not huge stars but they really have a lot of potential. They've released a bunch of singles/eps and finally last month released their first full length album St. Beast. They have a long way to go, and I see a lot of negative talk about them because they don't have the best "quality" but I really enjoy their music, and I think they're very deserving of some positive feedback. I love Waka's voice and the music gets me pumped. Yes, this music isn't for everyone but give a listen to these and decide for yourself. If you really like them support them by buying their St. Beast album ^^. Oh yeah, can't forget, check out the Danger Gang myspace for more music samples. Here's some "videos" (which are actually just songs with a picture to accompany them uploaded to youtube).

The quality of these videos aren't the best, but I love them simply because they show how these girls' live presence would be. I would absolutely freaking love to watch them on stage. Insert swooning here.

I really wish they had these in DVD quality, that would make my day. One last thing to add, they do plan on releasing a real music video soon, so when it comes out I'll be sure to update.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow been looking for some good bands, they look....interesting as well ^^

Otaku Dan said...

i have never liked visual kei bands but i will give them a try

Sammi said...

OMG! Danger Gang is amazing
I really do love them ^^
I heard that they are releasing their new video in about a month
I've already forgotten which song it's supposed to be for though >.<

OmoshiroiTora said...

Oh my God! I never thought I would find someone who's such a big Fan of デンジャー☆ギャング as I am. They are so unpopular. But I'm glad that there is still hope, they could get their commercial-breakthrough ^.^
デンジャー☆ギャング are really amazing and I adore them a lot.

Regards from Germany