Saturday, August 23, 2008

My First Revoltech Has Arrived

Alright well it's been a few days since I posted anything. I've been trying to cut down on spending lately so I'm going to try and keep myself from impulse buys. I have about 8 pre-orders right now as it is. Anyways I'll be doing a review/photo shoot of my newest arrival, Revoltech Saber [Alter] this evening. Excuse the crap blurry shot of the box, but I can't sit there getting a bunch of pix of the box before opening figures up, I could care less about the packaging most of the time.

Since I'll be doing the real photo shoot later I suppose I'll just make this a short post. When I opened it up I was surprised by the stand because it wasn't like what I had seen in other reviews of Revoltech figures. In my opinion the stand is next to useless (I could be biased because I'm used to figma stands). It's quite simple and the only place the stand goes on the figure is the feet, which I find somewhat difficult for pulling off really good poses. I did like the art piece that came in the box. Very cool. Uh, so here's a few shots of her stand and next to Figma Saber, to show size comparison. Real pictures will either be up either tonight or tomorrow, I got cleaning to do for now.


Orange said...

My money's on the figma Fate in that head-on battle. :D

BZou said...

Man that is one evil looking saber. Nice photos man, very well done.