Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Miku!

Miku Hatsune's first birthday was today (or 17th if you go by the age they made her from the start), I felt weird because it's technically not the 31st here yet, but since it's almost officially, and Japan is hours and hours ahead of me, I had to post something here. So for Miku's birthday I present to you a small gallery of Miku pix and a couple cute videos I found last night.

Figma Addiction:D

So, overall, we have bought many figma, and only 1 revoltech, and although I am not dissatisfied with the revoltech, for some reason I just really like figma.
This of course will not keep me from buying revoltech, just prefer figma, that's all, who's in agreement here?
(Shown here is the Saber figma, and Dark Saber Revoltech)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hatsune Miku Figma Pre-order Now!

Sorry I couldn't contain my excitement after reading about this at wcloudxkumo's blog, I immediately went to Hobby Search and ordered mine. Looks like the release date is September 10th, which just happens to be my wife's birthday! Awesome! They limited orders to only one per person but something tells me to try and secure a second one somewhere else, I don't think she'll be in stock long, considering I missed out on two waves of the nendoroid. I mean, what if something happens and I break a piece of her from over-excitement? *gasp* This was the first figma besides Konata Izumi that really caught my attention, before I had even bought a figma. Finally the first real clear official non-festival pictures are in. Don't mind me but I'm ecstatic! *spams pix*

September is going to deal a nasty blow on the bank account. Prepare for impact!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If I Were An Anime Character

We got this game not that long ago and started messing with it, and last night I came home from training on my new job position at work, inevitably in a white shirt, tie, black pants, black shoes, and yes, a headband, when my husband showed me a little more about how this program works... well, I came up with this idea, what would I look like as an anime character?, Well, these were some of the results of that idea!:D And yes, I do love short shorts and boots and nylons also, that is what partly inspired the outfit as well.:P So, enjoy the pictures!:D And if you're not at work and just want a little amusement, get this game, I like it alot!:D Any feedback is definitely welcome... this is a little bit of a hentai style game, definitely 18+...
Well, for now, enjoy the pics and I look forward to your comments!:D

3D Custom Girl official site (WARNING - NSFW LINK)

Konata Izumi's Кока-Кола Caper

So, my wife brought a can of Coca-Cola home from work a while back, back when I was waiting for my Konata figma order to arrive. It just happened to be an Olympic games limited edition can of Koka-Kora (I think that's how it's pronounced at least). I took one look at it and thought to myself, this almost looks like it says Koka-Kona. After all, in Russian it's written Кока-Кола. So I got this weird idea the minute I saw it and decided I'd take a few pictures of Konata with it some day when I had nothing better to do. Well, today was that day. I also took a puppy from my wife's Bratz doll and took a couple pictures. So here you go, shameless filler before my next figure arrival. Konata Izumi drunk on Coca-Cola getting licked to death by over-sized puppy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Revoltech Saber [Alter]

Alright I'm very tired it's after 2 am and it's been a long day, but for some reason I like to do my photo shoots in the dead of night. Overall I'm pleased with this figure. It makes me appreciate my figmas more though, because this one only came with a 2 piece stand, 2 swords and the visor hairpiece. No extra hands/faces like I'm used to, and as I said before the stand is pretty lame (compared to figma stands of course). But, the quality of the figure itself is very well done. It didn't fall apart while posing, the Revoltech joints are pretty good at holding in place. Nothing wrong with the paint job. My wife thinks the eyes are freaky, but I rather like them. I'm not sure if it's just this figure but compared to the figmas it's at least an inch taller, if not more. I can't say I'm a huge fan of Revoltech after just this figure, but I'll be buying more from them for sure. After all, I have Yoko pre-ordered, and I'm sure I'll find others sometime down the road. Ok, since I'm about to pass out, I'll just leave my rambling short. I hope the stand for Yoko is like the other ones I've seen. I'm going to guess the reason this stand was different from the other Revoltech ones I've seen before this is because of the armor. Well, now I can have some fun with my normal Saber figma and my dark Saber Revoltech. I tried to get some good pictures, forgive me if some of them aren't that great of quality, that's what I get for being half asleep.