Saturday, February 28, 2009

End of February Haul

I originally planned on posting this earlier, but things have been busy lately. Had some problems that needed taken care of and never got around to this. I picked up 5 volumes of xxxHolic manga last week from Barnes and Noble, and decided to finally get myself a membership since I plan to buy a lot more from there. Now, I'm up to date on the English xxxHolic releases so far. Been eying up quite a few manga series lately.

Also a couple days ago my Riiana picked up an issue of OtakuUSA for me, it's pretty decent. It has a fold out Gurren Lagann poster in it. Also picked up Chocobo Tales and My Japanese Coach for the Nintendo DS. I know I'm already using iKnow for learning Japanese but I figure every little thing I can do to strengthen my knowledge will be useful. I'm waiting on Nendoroid Yoko to arrive by early next week as well. I apologize for such a short post after a long wait but there will be plenty more soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sun Seto Figma

Today I'll be reviewing the Figma of Sun Seto. She comes from the manga/anime Seto no Hanayome. I got her from the usual suspect, Hobby Search for 2,261 Yen. She's readily available at the time of writing up this review. I haven't seen the entire series yet, nor the OVA, so I can't really tell you what I think about it. I do plan on finishing it up one of these days soon though. Basically, what made me decide to buy this particular figure were the optional nekomimi and mermaid tail. Alright, move on to read the review.

First off, she comes with 10 hands, 2 faces, her sword with scabbard, nekomimi and her mermaid tail. There's also a background you can download from the Figma site for her which wasn't included. Just scroll down and you'll see it. It would have been nice had they included it but I already had something else in mind before she arrived. Her hair is restricting in the back, making her unable to look at an upward angle, which is a bit of a turn off. The good part about the hair is the side bangs are flexible. Her nekomimi go between the front and main hair pieces, which loosens up the front piece a bit. I haven't tried them out on other figures, so I can't be too sure about how well they'll work with them. The mermaid tail is made of a thin but hard plastic, so it's not flexible. I would have liked it better had they made it of a softer PVC so that it could bend around for more interesting poses. In order to put her mermaid tail on, you need to take her lower legs off from the knees and then you can either slide the tail on or separate it in half and then snap it back together over her thighs. I do like this figure because it's unique for a Figma, but there's room for improvement. If I was to rate her I'd give a 7/10. If you're a fan of hers maybe knock that up a point.

Just in case you wonder about the base, you may have noticed waves being used for one in some of the pictures. This was actually from a dolphin statue that broke a while back and I kept it because I thought one day it might come in handy for something like this. Some of the pictures feature a tapestry in the background and others the cardboard backdrop from the Figma box. I had fun trying to get some interesting pictures but it was a bad day for lighting. I might try for some more pictures again with her, because she gets my creative juices flowing.

Lastly, if you can handle the moe overdose of the video, do check out the second ending song above, else you'd be wise to skip it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ryomou Shimei Figma

Ryomou Shimei is one of the main characters of the manga/anime series Ikkitousen. This particular version is from Ikkitousen: Great Guardians. I picked her up from Hobby Search for 2,261 Yen, and she's still available right now if you're interested. I never got into the anime much at first because of the overly excessive fan service, but lately I've decided to start watching, and it's not that bad after all. So far, Ryomou is my favorite character, for various reasons.

First off, Ryomou comes with 3 different faces, 10 hands, and a pair of handcuffs. The handcuffs are a pretty cool accessory but they are pretty thin and stretchy so I'd be careful with them. The hands switch out smoothly with no hassle at all, and no worry of breaking them. I especially like her gripping hands, the ones that look like they're for choking. Almost her entire french maid dress is soft PVC, which is pretty nice if you ask me. Her oppai are even squishy because the dress is merely raised in that area. I guess the only complaint with her would be she doesn't have the battle damage option for her clothes like Kanu does, if that's really something to complain about. I don't mind it a bit actually, because her dress looks great the way it is, with no ugly lines in it. Her maid cap comes off with her front hair piece, and you'll notice she even has a small ahoge in the back of her hair. So, if you're an Ikkitousen fan, like bad-ass women who know how to fight, or you just have a maid fetish, you might consider picking up this Figma.

Well then, I couldn't resist having Ryomou and Kanu Unchou fight it out, so I decided to take a few more pictures with the two of them. Of course, you can see Figma Kanu's review as well if you haven't already. But, since this is Mou-chan's review, I couldn't let her lose the battle.