Friday, November 28, 2008

Len Kagamine Figma

As I said the other day, both the Kagamine twins showed up together from Hobby Search, Len was 2,261 Yen. Well here's my review on Len Kagamine. After this review I will be doing a Vocaloid Figma "Theater" style post which I hope to do the shooting for today. So you'll see plenty of the twins together and Miku too. It looks like November is truly a Vocaloid month for me. For those of you who may be tired of seeing nothing but Vocaloid things I assure you there will be more diversity next month, I'm currently awaiting arrival of two more Figma ^^ Well then on to the pictures and review!

This marks the first male figure I've bought, and my first male Figma. I'm happy to start out with a Vocaloid because I'm a fan. Len's quality is again just as his twin sister Rin, near perfection in comparison to previous figmas. Len comes in total with: 2 faces, 11 hands, one keytar, one keytar strap and of course the default Figma stand. The detail, the paint job, the easily removable and re-attachable hands, and the coolest part of all, the keytar. I really love it, one of the coolest figma accessories I've seen. The keytar comes with a strap which feels like thin plastic or rubber and does stretch a little bit. I noticed the keytar wasn't quite flat as if it possibly deformed a tiny bit during shipping from heat, or maybe during the creation process. I really don't know if this was a manufacturing defect or just supposed to be that way, but it doesn't bother me in the least because it doesn't really have any negative affect on the figure or it's looks. Well, nothing to rant about on this figure otherwise. Another fine Figma from Max Factory. Now I'll be quiet and let the pictures do the talking.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rin Kagamine Figma

Move over road roller, the Kagamine twins, by Max Factory have arrived! Rather than do them both in the same review I figured it would be better to put them in two seperate posts, then follow up with a Vocaloid group shoot soon after. I bought these from Hobby Search, my most favorite trusted figure retailer. First off is Rin Kagamine.

Rin comes with 10 hands, 2 faces and a microphone. The pictures speak for themselves for the most part. The quality of this figure is on par with Miku Hatsune, only the legs are even more flexible. I rate this figure 10/10. If you like Rin I can't suggest a better figure to buy. Then again this is coming from someone who enjoys articulated figures, not everyone has the same taste. One thing to add about her, is that her hands are EASY to remove and replace compared to all the other figmas I own. It's actually a good thing because her sleeves would normally get in the way of moving the hands. I could be a bit biased because I'm a big Vocaloid fan, but I love this figure.

You might notice some of my pictures have dust on them already. The place I live in is extremely dry and always full of dust, it's becoming a royal pain dealing with it. Anyways, you can see from the pictures the amount of detail put into her, right down to Electronic Voice System written on her left leg warmer. Overall, she was an excellent buy for the 2,261 Yen I paid (shipping not included).

Crazy Kagamine video

Yeah, So, I was browsing through youtube videos and found this...
I laughed so hard it made my head hurt, quite the entertainment while waiting for Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine Figma to arrive at our door today!:D I'm sure my husband Persocom-San will do a review on those later on in the week.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Human Vs. Persocom

So, I wracked my brain last night thinking about what I would blog about next, here it is... I will give somewhat of a scenario here...

Assume you are living free to spend whatever you like, and live in your dream home...
Now you need to find someone to watch over your home... This raises the question... Which will you choose?

*A human or a Persocom? And what ideals affect your decision?

I myself would choose a persocom... main reason... TRUST... Persocom's will only do what you program them to do...
Now... what do you decide??

*For those who are not familiar with the anime, the persocom is Chii from "Chobits"*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hatsune Miku Mixing Box

Yesterday I received an impulse buy from J-List, which I believe was a bit overpriced but I couldn't resist. First time I've used SAL too. I remember a while back when I saw a bunch of figures from Wonfest that I wanted to get if possible, and if I'm correct I posted a picture of a very cute Miku figure. Well I found out where she came from and when I saw it for sale I had to do it. The contents of the mixing box include the figure (which requires you to put her twin tails in and attach her to the stand), a fan book and a dvd. Included in the fan book is lots of stuff that I can only hope to one day read, because it's all in Japanese. One day I'll be able to read it all though, just you wait! Lots of cool little pictures and what even appears to be a small board game is in the book, along with a history of Vocaloids, popularity charts and secrets about each Vocaloid.

The DVD contains 5 videos (not 3d ones, but good nonetheless), a LOT of songs (didn't bother counting sorry), pictures of Miku and the other Vocaloids on an interactive map of Japan, and something I had anticipated, a papercraft Miku with stage, which I didn't realize would be on the DVD but thought it would come in sheets, so... I don't have a printer that works right now. Guess I'll have to take it to the print shop eh? BTW, if anyone is interested in the papercraft thing themself maybe I could email the pdf files to you. I will assemble the papercraft Miku eventually, once I get to a print shop and find the patience to do it, and when I do I'll put it up here for everyone to see. Oh yeah and the figure is made by Yujin.

2nd to last shot simply because I know someone will ask for it. Anyways, I recommend this Hastune Miku Mixing Box to anyone who is a complete Miku fanatic (like me) and especially to those who can read Japanese, because you'd get more out of it than me (for now).