Monday, March 23, 2009

MM (えむえむ) 1/8 PVC by Max Factory

Today I'll be reviewing MM ( えむえむ) 1/8 PVC by Max Factory. That's her official name, but I prefer to call her Emu Emu (which is how you pronounce えむえむ), though I'll be simplifying her name to MM for this review. She comes from the manga/anime Kemeko Deluxe! She was released in June of 2008, and meant to go along with the Nendoroid Plus: Kemeko. I found her at Robert's Anime Corner Store for $67.48 though it looks like she's out of stock now. I really wanted to get the Nendo Kemeko to go with because they combine, but I haven't been able to find her anywhere yet. I'm going to keep looking though.

MM is well made, but she seems quite awkward by herself. She really is meant to go along with the Nendoroid Plus Kemeko, and it's pretty obvious when you look at how she's held up by her base. She doesn't really look bad but the base and metal rod in her foot has her looking odd. She's held up on one foot by a metal rod that goes in the base and up her foot. She comes with an extra metal rod that is meant for holding Kemeko in place. MM's legs both come off and she can be attached to an extra head piece of Kemeko that's included along with her. The Kemeko head really can't be used on the base without the Nendoroid present, but I took some pictures of MM coming out of the Kemeko head anyways. If you've seen the anime or read the manga the whole concept of MM coming out of Kemeko's mouth would make sense, as Kemeko is a sort of mecha that MM practically lives inside. The sculpting on MM is great, Max Factory did a wonderful job making her. Hopefully I'll be able to find Kemeko but if not she still looks good alone.

If you haven't seen Kemeko Deluxe! you might be interested in Riiana's review of the anime.


Anonymous said...

Havent bought Emu Emu since the Nendoroid was sold out so friggin fast and i saw no point in only owning EmuEmu.

I really hope youll find Kemeko some day

Anonymous said...

Nice figure! Your photos are getting better!

Lightning Sabre said...

Emu Emu!! I love her so much in the anime ^_^ Kawaii! She's like a hikikomori since she's ALWAYS inside Kemeko. XD

I hope you can find the Nendo. I found the two of them from two separate sites. I wanted to get them when they first released, but I couldn't justify the purchase. After watching the anime, I justified it!

Anonymous said...

You know I actually have another Kemeko Nendoroid MISB =_="

But I probably not selling it (yet), and shipment to your place would probably cost a bomb ~_~.

Snark said...

Very nice looking figure. Also, I think I'm gonna give this Kemeko Deluxe a look see >=D

Anonymous said...

she's cute, kinda want to buy her >_< but without the nendroid it's not complete....

don't have enough money to but both :p

Persocom said...

Blowfish - I guess I'm finding it harder to resist buying things lately XD

Lightosan - thank you, though my camera really restricts me

Lightning Sabre - Yup, I wasn't sure about them when I first saw them either, and even after I saw the anime I wasn't sure about them because together they're pricey, but I gave in and now I want them both.

haruji - if I still don't have the figure in a couple weeks, and you decide you want to sell, let me know. I almost always pay for EMS shipping when I buy from overseas as it is, so I'm used to expensive shipping. Of course, I have my limits on how much I'd be willing to pay. Drop me a line on the blog or e-mail (it's in my profile) if you do think about selling ^^

Snark - don't blame me if you don't like it XD

vixion - yeah I probably should have found them both before buying but I couldn't resist

Anonymous said...

and I'm also the late one to notice MM figure... I only found out about Kemeko and MM figure after the anime ends... Sad. So yeah, I did not manage to get them even tough I want to. But recently, money is a problem for buying extra figures x3