Monday, January 26, 2009

Yuki Nagato - My First Figma

Continuing on from the previous post, today I'm semi-reviewing another one of my first figures. This time around it's my first Figma, and this marks my first PVC figure and also the figure that I personally regard as my first true figure as well. It was on a cloudy day last year that she arrived in my mailbox, and today was a cloudy day too. Yuki Nagato, from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was the figure that started my obsession with figure collecting. Ink-Eyes couldn't compare with the excitement I had when I got my first Figma. Joints didn't bother me, in fact the articulation of Figma is what drew me in the most. I was all too paranoid about the joints, the hand pieces and everything about it at first though. I was afraid to break her, this wasn't like the action figures I collected as a child. I recall, back then I didn't know many stores and I pretty much bought from the US ones because I was afraid of overseas shipping and delivery times, so she was bought from Kid Nemo. I've stopped buying from Kid Nemo after some dissapointments with orders not working out, but back then I loved them.

Yuki came with 2 faces, both pretty much the same, 2 hair pieces, one with and one without glasses, 2 sets of shoes, the indoor and outdoor ones, 10 hands, a chair, and one opened and one closed book, along with the normal Figma stand and bag. I didn't manage to get one of the special ones with a scarf, but oh well. I didn't think I'd get into figures as much as I did when I got her, but I found out soon after I had her in my possession that she looked pretty lonely all by herself. It was then that I decided to order Haruhi as well. Well, Riiana also wanted the Haruhi Figma since I got the Yuki one for me. There weren't very many Figma to choose from at that point in time, so I had to stick with what was available that wasn't limited edition. When I first got Yuki I didn't have a blog yet, and I also only took a few crappy quality pictures of her just for fun. I didn't realize that soon I'd be blogging, and soon after that I'd be reviewing figures on a regular basis. Didn't take long before I learned how to take somewhat decent pictures of figures, I just hadn't done it before, so it took a few photo shoots to learn the basics. Thus why until now, you've never seen an actual review of her. I know there are already probably hundreds of reviews of this figure out there, but this is a special figure to me, so I'm doing this for myself, as well as to share with those of you who bother to read this wall of text.

Again, the custom base cover is not made by me. You'll be seeing more of these in the future and I suppose I have to credit each time just in case you didn't see the last one. I got the cover for this Figma base from this post over at DannyChoo. One of these days I might see about using the template of those bases to make some for the Figma that don't have any made for them yet.

Of course, the moment the Evil Witch Version Yuki Nagato was announced I knew I had to have her. Even though I already had a Yuki, the accessories convinced me to buy. Although she is a simple figure, she holds a special place in my heart as my "first" figure, first Figma and the one that started my obsession with collecting. I plan on reviewing one more figure that never saw a real review, Haruhi Suzumiya. Whether or not I do it in the next post or later on in the future I'm not sure of. I still plan to do a Ryoko Asakura vs. Yuki Nagato post also one of these days. Well, I hope I didn't bore you too much, but I thought it'd be nice to give my Yuki the attention she deserved when I got her but didn't receive.


konadora said...

The custom stand looks nice ^^;

Anonymous said...

It's cool to write a post for your own sake. Good work on getting your first figma! Yuki is looking good out there =).

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Figma gang!

I couldn't get this Yuki. T.T

In reply: You'll just have to wait till next week to find out.

Anonymous said...

Grats on your first figma! ^^ Reminded me of when I got mine too, Saber x3 Played with her the whole day... But nowadays... xD

Anonymous said...

my first pvc was nagato also! except it was the nendoroid ^_^

i also haven't gotten around to reviews for lotsa of the figures i first obtained... blogging just seems to come naturally with this hobby ^^;

Phossil said...

My first figma was Haruhi. :)
Now Im considering in buying Figma Yuki because as incredible as it seems, its on sale in my country, but I dont know.

Unknown said...

I have been meaning to buy figma yuki in a loooooooooong time

Anonymous said...

I'm sure u already know my first is the Konata WF ver. but she was actually not my first opened one. It was Saber and Haruhi which really got me into this figma trend. ^^

The important thing is u enjoy what u write regardless if ppl read it or not.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people's first figure is a figma...but my first figure wasn't a figma...
My first figma was the same as Optics, Wonderfest Konata was my first one and I do say I still love it!!!!!
Also, nice job on the photos!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! She is my first figma too!

Q said...

What I never knew the cardigen is flexible o_o. But that's nice for your first figma~ Mine happens to be Haruhi that I got in Japan :o

Snark said...

Hmm, been thinking of getting a Yuki figma; only problem being I already have the evil witch version. Reckon vanilla Nagato is still worth getting?

Anonymous said...

I thought your first figma was the Mikuru figma you purchased long time ago...or was it the Saber one?

Anyways, nice purchase!

Persocom said...

konadora - I really like those custom bases, but lots of my figmas still need them.

M12 - thanks ^^ I couldn't let my first figma sit out of the spotlight after having done reviews of so many.

nanopulp - Yuki's almost a year old so I've kinda been there for a while XD did you manage to get the other one?

kazearashi - back when I first got her I took her places but I didn't have the courage to take her out and get pictures of her

wawawawa - maybe I should just stick with your old name? XD I want the Nagato nendo but finding her now isn't so easy... at least knowing she's not a bootleg. When I first started the blog I didn't have any solid ideas of what I was going to do with it.

phossil - Sales are always good, but if you don't want her don't waste the money ^^

Otaku Dan - kinda like I've been meaning to buy Rei and Asuka Revoltechs for quite some time

Optic - I think that's around the time I discovered your blog, when you got the WF Konata. And I do enjoy blogging sometimes I just worry about the content even though I shouldn't.

Rin - I was always worried about buying expensive PVCs and the appeal of a poseable articulated figure of one of my favorite characters for half the price of a PVC is probably what won me over and helped me decide to make figma my first. Of course things changed and now I like PVCs as well, but just starting off, Figma is very beginner friendly.

lovelyduckie - nice ^^

Q - yup, flexible it is, I thought since I was reviewing a figure everyone has seen before I'd attempt to show something that might not be as likely to be shown.

Snark - it all depends. Do you prefer Yuki with her glasses? do you like the appeal of her cardigan? if you do I'd suggest picking her up, and I guess you get books and another chair to mess with too.

jusuchin85 - nope, Saber and Mikuru were of the first Figmas to get actual reviews but I had Yuki first and then Haruhi, before I started the blog. I didn't know I'd get so into them that I'd do reviews whenever a new figure arrived at my door and poor Yuki, Haruhi, Ink-Eyes and Chi never got reviews, until now at least.

Anonymous said...

So shes your first girl?
That gives some insight into your 2D preferences XD
So you are into mysterious girls? ^^

blood on the mirror said...

Cool where did you get the custom stand?

Persocom said...

Blowfish - yup ^^ you got me

Blood on the Mirror - the link to the source of the bases is in the second to last paragraph

dashaman said...

i've been thinking who to buy first as my first figma. yuki or hatsune. it's so hard to decide.