Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So, Just recently I got a new bag from Toycup, and I love it!:D It Has Yuko from "xxxHolic" on it!:D And you might wonder what is being carried in this bag right now? Well... here is your answer!:D (No, I wouldn't put my cat in the bag, he just kinda snuck in the picture,oops!:P
The paper that you see the Katakana on... this is my mom's name in Katakana, which will be on the tattoo that I am getting tomorrow for my birthday!:D I have decided on my tattoo finally!:D
So, this is what is in my bag right now.:D Lot's of random goodness!:D:P
AND... birthday post tomorrow will include Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Kanu figma's!:D
Oh, and yes, I practically live out of my bag most days!:P

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Anonymous said...

Nice bag. I might post a picture of my bag soon. It would just be of my school backpack with textbooks though, so it would be pretty boring ^^; I usually don't need to carry a bag with me. I am interested in that manga "Welcome to the NHK", but don't want to read something ero... Is it appropriate? In addition, is the art style good? Hope all goes well on your birthday.