Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Week

Christmas is already over and we were too busy with family and the normal Christmas festivities to really do a post, so here is a little bit of what we did this week. First off, we all went to the train depot and took a short ride on a train a few days before Christmas. They had Santa Claus in a train and hot cocoa and cookies for everyone. I got some pictures of the trains and stuff around there.

Any idea why this might be written on a train car? Found it amusing.

We received a package from a friend of ours in the mail a day before Christmas Eve. Yummy Japanese snacks! Neither of us have had the pleasure of any kind of Pocky besides chocolate, strawberry and Almond Crush until we got this. She also sent us a Japan Rail Pass from her last trip to Japan, and some face wash and honey lip gloss for Riiana. I thought I'd take some pictures of the snacks since most of these are impossible to find around here. We're trying to savor them instead of munching out right away.

Do not buy pre-made Gingerbread House kits from stores. We learned our lesson this year, and next year we're definitely going to make the whole thing from scratch. The pieces looked fine on the front and back but in the middle they were all broken. So for your pleasure: Gingerbread House Fail.

And here's our little Christmas tree before the little guy opened up his presents. Perhaps in a later post we'll show you what we got. Most everything was for our son though. We went back to the train depot again for Christmas dinner, it was quite crowded and Santa was a bit creepy this time. He was good with the kids but he triple-eyed up Riiana before asking if she was good this year... was very awkward. His face kinda looked plastic too, but he was real. So, overall we had a good Christmas. Our son got a NES thing so I've been playing some old school Nintendo games with him, bringing back the 8-bit nostalgia. Sorry we didn't do a post on Christmas day but we were busy spending family time.


Anonymous said...

"Do not hump" - XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very nice train photos! They look retro and cool. Now snowman, too. Wished we had some snow here in Australia.

Merry Christmas =D. Oh wait, it's already over.

- M12 Vinja

Anonymous said...

Merry belated Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Do not hump? Alright...

Thats a really nice thing to do from your friend!That stuff looks really tasty ^^

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine how thrilled your son must have been with that train ride. If we had something like that around here (and I had a family) I would totally make it a tradition! Maybe bring a board game on board too!

Grats on the awesome looking snacks. How was that mochi?

Anonymous said...

belated merry christmas to you, here's nice pic of Nozomi-chan for you

Anonymous said...

I love the look of that old train. And Santas are a creepy bunch. Have you seen the somewhat infamous French movie Le Père Noël est une ordure?

Persocom said...

lovelyduckie - it was good, we really enjoyed the snacks ^^

k. - nope haven't seen that movie yet, but I recall watching something I can't remember the title of about Pere Noel in French class back in HS.