Saturday, December 20, 2008

When Blogs Collide

As you may or may not have noticed, this blog has grown a bit. My wife, Riiana Doon, has decided to combine her blog into mine, instead of us having two separate blogs. She will be posting now alongside me. All the links from Animeholic, her old blog, are in the process of being moved here, we'll be going under some construction for a while so things might seem strange for a few days. We are hoping to have a fresh new look and get things organized by the new year. Expect more content, more frequently. Riiana will be doing a post soon to introduce herself to those of my readers who might not know her, and you can now find the past contents of her blog here. Hope you enjoy the changes and we look forward to blogging together in 2009!


images from: gelbooru


Anonymous said...

That is great. I have been suggesting blog combinations for quite a few people, and several of them are coming up with a team blog.

A further suggestion for the two of you is to get your own host and get the Wordpress blogging platform. Trust me, it will pay off much better for you. It has more options, is more organized, has loads of plugins for your use, and you can edit the CSS for yourself if you like, and get new themes to use. Further, if you are into having total control, I do believe that having your own host is far better.

Of course, a good host is not that cheap per year, but I have a few I can recommend if you like. Just ask me if you need suggestions or feedback. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the merger. :3

I look forward to seeing more of you two posting in the future! FOR SCIENCE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to it!!!!!
It's great to hear this too!!!!
I see great things coming in the future!!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why my RSS is picking all of ur read post again. ^_^
This is great news. As a family, u will have more ideas to share with us.

Riiana Doon said...

Looks like we were not alone in this idea hun!:D Now time to have some fun with it.
Panther- We opted to try wordpress but couldn't agree on themes and other stuff, none of them made us happy. We're still thinking about it yet. We may buy a host, time will tell.:)
Len- Thank you!:)
Everyone, thank you for the feedback.:D

Anonymous said...

Good Idea!
Means more regular updates!
I must admit that i forgiot to check your waifus blog in a long time ^^;;;

Im anticipating the future posts!

Snark said...

A blog with twice the power of a regular blog! Truly a frightening proposition!

Unknown said...

Very nice post keep it up ^-^ please check out my blog its about gaming,technology, and anime!!! thanksssssssssssss :D

puppy52doll said...

awwww Hallo Persocomsan and Mrs Persocomsan! hehe I'm sending you both good vibes here! (with reference from your previous entry) ^^;/

Anonymous said...

ahhh as if i didn't have enough trouble keeping up with figure blogs :P i had always wondered why you two had separate blogs... finally gattai kanryou! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... That explains... ^^;;

I was wondering who is Riiana Doon... xD

Looking forward for good updates! ^^

Mo5Fest said...

2 heads > than 1

that's all I can say

suki said...

Omedetou! Now we get to have a double dose.. yays~

Anonymous said...

a change (for the better) is always welcomed.

btw love the chii pic, love the anime as well. kinda miss chii now.