Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flickr Update

I know I haven't been that active lately but everything has been going pretty slow lately. I got a couple more manga but other than that not much is going on. So today I updated my Flickr. Previously I only had one folder with some pictures in it I liked. Now I finally got around to uploading my photos that I've taken of my figures. You'll see almost all of the pictures from my previous posts along with a bunch of pictures that I didn't use for my reviews. I've been watching a ton of anime, from this season and also catching up on older ones that I never got around to seeing. I guess I've been procrastinating a lot lately. I've had a few posts written up and then decided not to post them. Anyways, I have 3 more figures coming this month that I'll be reviewing when they do get here, so look forward to that. Halloween is drawing close and it's my favorite holiday here even though it's nothing like it used to be, so I'll probably do something special when it draws closer. From this point on I'll be using Flickr to upload my photos for reviews, so some of the pictures I don't put in my review will be available for viewing there. It's getting late and I need sleep, so I'll finish uploading the pictures tomorrow, but for now you can see what I got up there. Oh yeah, if you have a Flickr account go ahead and add me and I'll add you back.

Here's the link to my Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Is Kagami ur fav. figma? ^^
I have a Flickr account but I can't remember my username and pwd and I'm too lazy to create a new one. T_T

Unknown said...

if you are interested there is a web application for flickr, its called pictobrowser. you may want to check it out

Anonymous said...

I have a flickr, though frankly I cannot find use for it XD. I am not sure what it is to be used for -_-

Might need to go back and check around on it again....whats my pass again? lol

Anonymous said...

Everyone has Flicker, but I don't really know why I'd want to use it for as well .. is it only for slideshows?

Persocom said...

optic - I really like Kagami yes, but I'm not sure which is my favorite, I think it changes depending on my mood.

otaku dan - i'll check that out thanks ^^

kairu & acesan - well I just download pictures there, but I'm running into the restrictions of not having a paid account already, you can only have the latest 200 pictures for others to view but you can hold more.