Friday, October 3, 2008

LaLa has arrived!:D

MORE pictures can be found at my husband's, Persocom-san's blog!:D
Absolutely love this statue!:D First non-jointed figure we have gotten so far, and I am so happy we did, I am still a bit nervous about having her on one of our shelves on our computer desk, but as she is PVC made, I have heard that she should endure accidental falls pretty well... Love the detail in how she was made, and the funny thing... the first thing I noticed were her slight nipplage!:P Funny I noticed it before the husband did!:P She is such a beautiful statue, and from what Persocom-san said taking pictures of her was so easy. What do you all think? Would you get this statue? I think it was one of our most fun buys so far!:D The box she came in was huge!:P Was also a little nervous about her leaning, but doesn't seem like it will cause problems anytime soon.:D


Anonymous said...

i think you guys don't need to worry about the leaning part, since it's part PVC, part ABS.

about her falling, that is like...tragedy! try yo not let it fall, ya? ^^;;;

Anonymous said...

U can count on GSC to ensure their figures don't lean.
I'm sure they have addressed that issue. As a top figure maker, I will be disappointed if they haven't