Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tabitha 1/8 PVC by Kotobukiya

The other day I got my Tabitha 1/8 PVC by Kotobukiya, from Hobby Link Japan. This makes my second order with them. The box was labeled fragile, handle with care, but it looked like customs had their way with it, with a nice little hole punched in the handle with care part. Even so, she remained encased in her box, in perfect condition. In case there's anyone who doesn't know, Tabitha is from Zero No Tsukaima or "The Familiar of Zero". She's a quiet but powerful mage, and probably my favorite character in the series. Click on the pictures for higher resolution, and I hope you enjoy the review!

When I was moving her around for poses I kept noticing that her skirt seemed loose. I kept thinking that it seemed as if it could be taken off. I didn't recall ever seeing a review of her with her skirt removed but something told me it was. So I figured out her body is separable and it does indeed come off. A pleasant unexpected surprise!

The cape adds a lot of character to her, and I love the base as well. She's on pegs and screwed into the base which I like because I can be sure she's secure. The extra piece for the base that holds the cape up at least matches the base, and I didn't find it that annoying, even if I'd rather it didn't need it. At least the cape has some support. Her paint job is great and smooth, didn't notice anything to be unhappy about really. Yes, her glasses don't have lenses and only have half a frame, I assume the lenses aren't there because it'd pose problems for picture taking and make her eyes look odd? She does seem to have this style of glasses in the anime though, so it doesn't bother me. I like her pose as she seems to be in mid casting of a spell. As a Zero No Tsukaima, and more so, Tabitha fan, this figure satisfies me well.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. Very impressed with the quality of her.
As a recent Tabitha fan, I'm putting her in, in my next figma order. ^^
Nice review. I think ur the first to review her.

Riiana Doon said...

She is definitely ONE of our coolest figures thus far I think.:D
Her box rox and so does she!:D
I am very happy with the Tabitha order!:D

Anonymous said...

I only take pictures of the panties if they're especially cute. Once you've seen one pair of plain white panties you've seen them all.

Unknown said...

nice pictures, i like that she is a cast off figure

Anonymous said...

Beautiful figure of her! now that I look up close, maybe I should get her too~

Oh yeah, thanks for the note on the wishes! Well received, mate!

Anonymous said...

does teh backgorunds comes with the figure? looks nice.

Persocom said...

@ lovelyduckie - indeed, I got them because I just wanted people to know it's possible, since the figure description on sites didn't mention it.

@ gordon - yup, that's the one that came with, has a couple windows on the side but it's nice anyways.

Glad some of you liked the pictures and are hope those of you who get her enjoy her like I do ^^

Anonymous said...

First time i see that one , she's cute :o

You did good with the pics , the background is just perfect for the figure

Anonymous said...

I like the lighting in this photoshoot. All you showed is the magic circle, which really makes it seem like she's really in her own little world. Nice!

Mizunaga said...

She looks beautiful. :D

I love these two shots.

Mo5Fest said...

arr.. love that pantsu shot, lol! And those shots look really nice. ^^